FPV + Gimbal Drone Ops

($1250 full day/$750 half day)

Filming on any/all of our aircraft included!

Main FPV = QAV-PRO w/ Hero 10 Black Bones (5.3k@60, 4k@120)

Alternate FPV = ProTek35 w/ Hero 8 Black (4k@60)

DJI Mavic 2 Pro (4k@30, 100M bitrate, D-log 10bit 35mm Format Equivalent: 28mm Aperture: f/2.8–f/11)



Trimming, Reelsteady stabilization/gyro sync & uploading of ungraded video. Essential for transforming raw video into  smooth and cinematic footage. (Waived for Mavic footage)

Editing (full day)


Color correction, addition of audio, graphics & transitions accomplished in Premiere Pro. 

BTS/Social Media Content (full day)


Sony Xperia Pro-I (4k@120, Zeiss optics, Sony Alpha Cinema Pro software, Venice CS & 21:9 capable)